Applied Building Controls, LLC


Our mission is to provide control systems that we would be proud to own and operate if we were the customer.

This requires attention to detail in the design, programming, installation and commissioning processes.

While some projects will have similarities to others, we find there are goals associated with each project that benefit from the added attention we provide. Therefore, we do not take the “cookie cutter” approach.

To fulfill this mission, we deliver innovative and economical solutions combined with superior service and support.

Our company’s reputation is built on the following principles:

  1. 1. Provide fast response to the needs and inquiries of our customers.
  2. 2. The control systems we provide will perform the intended functions with excellence.
  3. 3. The system must be easy to understand and operate.
  4. 4. Empower the user to be as independent as desired without a large investment in training and tools.
  5. 5. The control system must operate in a manner that will minimize energy usage.
  6. 6. We must offer the latest technological features for today and tomorrow.
  7. 7. Controlled equipment must operate in a safe manner in accordance with the manufacturer’s intent.

Customer Service

Service and support are our highest priorities, so our customers receive assistance quickly and efficiently. One of the keys to providing excellent service is a thorough commissioning at system start-up. Our business plan is to be successful by providing a high quality job at the front end and minimize warranty work. This results in higher customer satisfaction as well as reduced expenses. When service and support are needed, we are easy to contact and quick to respond.

We have the capability to expand our service through a network of affiliated and trained professionals in the surrounding area.

Our Role and the Products We Represent

As our name indicates, we focus on the “application” of technology to deliver optimal solutions and we are pleased to offer some of the most technologically advanced hardware and software available. We have been an Authorized Dealer for Reliable Controls since 2002. Other best-of-breed products that we represent include Belimo, ACI, Functional Devices and Dwyer. We also offer several lines of variable speed drives (VSD) and motor controllers for efficient operation of fans and motors.

Energy Management and Conservation

Building automation and control applications should focus on the conservation of energy, or energy management. As sequences and programs are written, we look for every opportunity to reduce energy consumption and demand. A versatile product such as the Reliable Controls Mach System offers complete flexibility in every controller so we are able to develop sequences that reset and adjust energy-consuming processes beginning at the lowest level. For example if a room is not occupied then heating and cooling setpoints may be adjusted, fans stopped or airflow rates adjusted, lights turned off, ventilation air closed, etc.

As a Certified Energy Manager since 1997, we approach every project with “miserly mindset” toward energy usage. Our experience includes the development and administration of programs for shared savings and energy guarantees for commercial facilities.

System User Interface

A graphical user interface is the most common method of monitoring and adjusting the control system and presents information quickly and efficiently. Our 3-dimensional graphic screens are designed to display the actual process of the equipment being controlled. Operating conditions come to life through the use of animations and dynamic data display. Graphical elements also provide links to trend logs, runtime logs, schedules and alarms. The user interface is designed to be easy to navigate for both the occasional and frequent user.

Systems Integration

Open protocols including Bacnet, Modbus and Lonworks allow controllers from different manufacturers to be integrated into a common system. The use of open protocols is an efficient way to bring data into a BAS from various sources such as emergency generators, specialized process equipment (i.e. pool dehumidifier, pumping packages), security system, etc. Systems integration is now a common practice in the majority of our projects.